Scott Ingram


I am a focused professional Adult Registered Nurse MSc who is committed to safeguarding the medical needs, comfort and emotional well-being of patients. I have superb communication skills that enable me to develop a good rapport with all patients, their families, friends and visitors.  

I also have excellent observational skills, and knowledgeable in a variety of specialist and complex fields such as: HIV/Oncology, Intensive Care, ambulatory care, Primary Care, and currently Clinical Lead within Complex Discharge. I have worked in 3 of London’s acute hospitals NHS and within the Private sector, most recently Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi all of which I gained the most valuable knowledge, experiences in order to practice within evidence based theory within Nursing today. 

I consider myself to be enthusiastic, hardworking and competent healthcare professional that possess the required level of nursing experience needed to deliver high quality, customer focused and clinically effective patient care in a modern well equipped in all settings. My hobbies and interest include  cooking, swimming, travel and tennis.  I enjoy speaking and practising my French when the occasion arrives and I’m learning Arabic at present.