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Angela Hamlin Health Care Professionals are currently recruiting individuals who are interested in joining our Homeshare Programme. 

For more information and to see if Homeshare is right for you, please read the information provided below. 


What is Homeshare? 

Homeshare is an affordable service that matches people that need an extra helping hand at home with people looking for accommodation and willing to help. The householder and the homesharer are introduced by Novus-Homeshare and if they like each other, they start Homesharing and their relationship progress is monitored to make sure that both parties enjoy the experience of living together.

How are Homesharers selected?

Everyone who applies to become a homesharer must first be interviewed at Novus as well as go through a reference and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) – previously known as CRB – check.

The charity only introduces a person to the householder if they are a good match. The charity makes sure that they have similar preferences and things in common when it comes to sharing a home together.

Can the householder choose their Homesharer?

Yes and relatives can also be involved in the selection process. Householders can interview potential homesharers before they move in to make sure that they get on and are suitable to provide the support the householders needs.

What does the householder have to provide for their Homesharer?

They need to provide their homesharer with a bedroom and access to the rest of the facilities of the house. The idea is that they share the space which means time together watching television, in the kitchen, garden etc.

Are there any rules set?

Yes, the householder can set ground rules with their homesharer from the very beginning. As each match up is unique – some people will need a quiet home environment, whilst others will want a more social environment – it’s important that the householder shares how their day-to-day life works with their homesharer so that they can agree on a convenient schedule for both of them. The Homesharer is typically expected to assist or be present for the Householder approximately 10 hours a week, usually spent during the evenings or on weekends. Homesharers are able to still work and have a job outside of the home. 

Who is Homeshare for? 

Homeshare is a great service for older and isolated people or people with disabilities in need of an extra helping hand.

What does Homeshare cost? 

Householders and Homesharers both contribute a certain amount each month. There is no exchange of money between the householder and the homesharer.

As the Homeshare programme doesn’t receive any direct funding AHHCP relies on the contribution of the people in the programme. This fee is allocated towards those working to monitor the matches, the evaluation of homesharers, visits with Clients, as well as general administration and advertising.


If you believe you would benefit from the Homeshare Programme and would like to apply to become one of our Homesharers, please click on the link below. 

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