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If you are interested in joining the Homeshare Programme* as a Homesharer, please refer to the 'Homeshare' page on this website for more information.


At Angela Hamlin Health Care Professionals, you, the nurse/carer are appreciated and valued as much as the client. Without “you” the nurse/carer, we would not have any clients.


  • We do not just place you in a job and forget about you, we are always available and make sure to stay in touch throughout your assignments.

  • We try and match you to the appropriate client. We can’t guarantee it always works, and if it doesn’t we will change the assignment.

  • We understand it can be difficult going in to someone’s home, working in a new environment, and with clients who may not believe they require care or your assistance. We therefore make sure you are suitably trained to deal with all situations.

  • Our salaries are competitive and we offer continuing professional development opportunities.

  • We believe in showing you how much we value the work you do so we invite our whole team to two social events each year and host an awards ceremony to show how much we appreciate you.

"Kindness is something the blind can see, and the deaf can hear" - Mark Twain

If you would like to work with us, please contact us via the link below. 

* The Homeshare Programme is not regulated by the CQC or incorporated within our registration's regulated activities. 

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