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Live-In Care

Live-In care at home can often be the ideal solution for those requiring full-time round the clock care. It may be that you or your loved one has been receiving regular care visits throughout the day that are no longer sufficient to meet care requirements, and more care is therefore needed. It may also be for peace of mind by ensuring a trained carer is present 24/7 to provide support and companionship. 

A live-in carer provides a stable environment in the home that allows for the consistency of a regular daily routine with a familiar and trusted face. 

The services included in Live-In care can vary depending on your individual care requirements which are discussed at length during your initial Client Liaison Nurse assessments. Are few ways in which our Live-In care can assist include the following: 


Personal Care

The personal care provided by live-in carers can be tailored to include whatever level of assistance you or your loved one needs. It often includes support with incontinence issues, help with washing and general hygiene, dressing, brushing teeth, and shaving. Ensuring that all of our clients are able to maintain as much of their independence as possible is important to us, which is why personal care is delivered in a dignified, discreet, and respectful manner at all times. 

Practical Help & Assistance with Day-to-Day Tasks

In addition to personal care, a live-in carer can also carry out domestic tasks such as shopping, light housework, washing, and ironing. Our carers are also happy to accompany you or your loved one to appointments, social events, and daily outings, and may also assist with liaising on your behalf with allied health professionals such as GPs, Pharmacists, & Occupational Therapists, to name a few. 

Medication Administration 

All of our Carers are trained in the safe administration of medications, and will be able to assist you or your loved one with any daily medication requirements, as well the organisation and collection of medications from the pharmacy if needed. 

Meal Preparation 

Your live-in carer will aim to plan and prepare nutritious and balanced meals daily, ensuring that you or your loved one are receiving adequate food and hydration throughout the day. It's important that you are able to continue to enjoy the food and comforts that you're used to, and for this reason your live-in carer will work closely with you to establish a meal-plan based on your personal preferences. 

Familiar Surroundings 

It’s completely understandable that those who have lived in their own home for many years are naturally very reluctant to move, even if they’re aware that they need help with some aspects of their lives. A live-in carer can enable you or your loved one to remain in your home where you feel comfortable and safe.

This is especially important if your loved one has dementia as the condition can often cause upset by changes in environment. A live-in carer can provide dementia care – a higher level of support which helps with some of the specific difficulties and challenges that the condition presents.

We know that having a carer live 24/7 in your home can be an adjustment. We therefore take all of the necessary steps to ensure that we only place a carer who we believe is the right match based on personality and specific care requirements. We will always value your input and be guided by you, and will make every effort to ensure the provision of live-in care is a rewarding and beneficial one. 

For more information or to inquire how we may be able to assist you with your live-in care requirements, please click on the link below

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