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Westminster Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre

Angela Hamlin Health Care Professionals are proud to be affiliated with the Westminster Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre, 

WPPC is a physiotherapy, health and fitness centre of excellence. Chartered Physiotherapists are the experts in physical activity management. They treat holistically, functionally and bring in life coaching skills to improve your whole health and wellbeing.

WPPC believe that the way to resolve and alleviate pain symptoms is best found by non-invasive treatment, exercise and possibly lifestyle change. Our bodies are amazing structures and recover quickly if we look after them.

So, WPPC want to help you to become physically strong and agile, and to understand how to avoid further painful incidents.

In a world full of ‘ noise’ ‘fake news’ in the health industry, WPPC can guide you in all your health and wellbeing needs with evidence based advice and referral on to qualified health professionals.

Many of WPPC's Chartered Physiotherapists are Health and Wellbeing Specialists.

0207 834 3700

Yoga Studio
Senior Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy face-to-face at WPPC, virtual online, & home visits. WPPC assess, treat, advice, & motivate for rehabilitation. 

Elderly Woman at Gym

WPPC office Pilates personal training whole body workouts. Get to know your body well & what exercise suits you best

Spa Massage

Therapeutic sports massage is the scientific manipulation of soft tissue for injury prevention and therapeutic purposes. 

Diet Salad

Nutritional therapy supports you in optimising your diet and adapting your lifestyle in order to regain health and vitality, complementing other therapies. 

Some of WPPC's Other Services

For further information or to arrange a consultation with WPPC. please contact us on 020-3876-5526, or WPPC's Chartered Physiotherapist, Clare Fone, on 0207-834-3700

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