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Patient Advocates

Patient Advocates

Being a patient can be isolating and daunting: examinations, medications, diagnosis, treatment options. Even just managing chronic illness. All of these things can easily overwhelm a person, no matter how old, educated or stoic they are.

It is an open secret in healthcare that patients with effective advocates get optimum care and achieve the best outcomes. Our goal is to become the health professional speaking on your behalf, striving for those results through support and advocacy.

Practical support:

  • Asking relevant medical questions on behalf of our client or other supporting persons

  • Ensuring our client and their support network understand the advice and information provided by healthcare providers

  • Letting the provider know that our client has an advocate onboard

  • Facilitating an ongoing relationship with your GP and other allied health care professionals involved in your care

  • Educating our client and their family members on the available medical resources

  • Alleviating confusion or conflict between our client and their physician, or between practitioners

  • Arranging a second opinion when our client is concerned about the information provided by the treating professional

  • Arranging specialist appointments

  • Liaising with private health insurers to settle disputes or clarify misunderstandings

  • Negotiating or intervening when care standards are sub optimal

Emotional support:

  • Accompanying our client and other supporting persons to medical appointments which can be invaluable when complex or distressing information is likely

  • Providing regular contact with carers, practitioners, nurses, as well as our client, to ensure satisfactory medical support is being provided consistently over a period of time

  • Monitoring our client’s sense of wellbeing, including while travelling or during changed circumstances

  • Tailoring care to individual needs: whether in person, by telephone, text message or email

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